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Платное NeonSkins 1.0.12

Только поддержка
  1. Английский
Not part of the new Rust Neon Signs
1. Single Skinned signs work perfect
2. Due to a recent Rust update, Animated signs (Rotates between 3 skins) require players to manually set graphics.itemskinunload "false" in their client console to see animated signs correctly. No workaround yet.
3. Clothing animated skins work ok, but still a BETA WIP Feature
4. Admin wings are limited in range due to Culling. Still a BETA WIP Feature


Have you ever wanted a Animated OPEN Sign for your shop ?
Or have a kick ass animated Clan / Server Logo for your building ?
Ditch your old wooden sign for new NEON Glowing Signs !!!!
Also includes Animated Clothing !!!!

Includes some default signs for easy use, and endless options for players to make there own and place them !!!!
(New Video for clothing skinner in the works !!)
** Kick Ass custom skins will require users to make there own workshop skins for the Rug to get skin ID's. Make sure to make them public and not hidden if they want others to see them.


Well look no further. This Plugin allows authorized players to add Custom Skins to the game that can be animated and glow in the dark.
How does this work? Well, first, a authorized player can choose from 5 default Animated signs. Player will then place any Normal sign on a wall or wherever, look at the sign and type command to place either a default sign, or a custom sign in wide (landscape) or tall (portrait) format.

Note: All signs are actually reskinned Rugs. Due to the simplicity of the rectangle rug it works wonderful.
Users can choose to use one of the 17 default signs or make there own.
The Skin ID's for first 5 default signs can be changed by server admin to anything they would like on place of them. Will decide if we need ALL default signs to be changeable.
Players can deploy there OWN custom Neon signs apart from using the default 17 signs.

neonskins.add - allows users to replace there own wooden sign with one of the Default Neon signs. To a maximum of 2 by default.
neonskins.skin - allows user to replace there own wooden sign with a custom skinned sign. To a maximum of 2 by default.
neonskins.wings - allows user to spawn wings on there back if they are flying (noclipping).
neonskins.viplimit - allows user to build up to the maximum VIP sign limit. Default is 10
neonskins.nolimit - allows use to build unlimited neon signs.
NEW !! neonskins.attire - allows use of attire skins

/neon - Will open default Sign GUI. typing again will close it.
/neon.add # - replaces a wooden sign with one of the 17 default animated signs. use 1 - 17 for sign #.
(if only one skin id is set, it will be a static sign, it will not rotate skins)
/neon.skinwide "skin id 1" "skin id 2" "skin id 3" - use this to replace a wooden sign with a landscape oriented skin. you can add just 1 skin or 3 skins.
/neon.skintall "skin id 1" "skin id 2" "skin id 3" - use this to replace a wooden sign with a portrait oriented sign. you can add just 1 skin or 3 skins.
/neon.skinrug "skin id 1" "skin id 2" "skin id 3" - use this to skin a run already on the ground with a animated one. You need 3 skins currently to make animated.
/neon.count - shows your current number of deployed Neon signs
NEW !! /neon.tickrate # - change your signs refresh tick rate to slow down or speed up how fast the skins change. Default is set to 10.
NEW !! /neon.cleardatabase - allows Admins (auth level 2) to clear the neon skins database. useful for after a wipe.

Clothing Skin Commands BETA

/neon.skinattire "item shortname" "skin id 1" "skin id 2" "skin id 3"
I have some test coding for you to try. This is for a plain T Shirt:
Example: (for my cool Bad Mo Fo shirt in the video up top)
/neon.skinattire tshirt 1334091773 1334092886 1334094055

Wing Commands : (typing command again will turn wings off)
/neon.wings - adds default Angel wings to players back.
/neon.wings angel - adds Angel wings to players back.
/neon.wings fairy - adds Fairy wings to players back.
/neon.wings black - adds FLAMING black wings to player.

Default Config (change the skin ids to change the default signs for your server
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