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Платное Recoil Viewer 1.5.3

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Before starting:
This mod is developed mainly so that administrators can see on their screen the recoil pattern that the players perform. You can see players backtracking while using “spectate” or by using the /recoil PlayerName/SteamID command. This mod can be your great ally with the new first-person viewer that has recently been incorporated into the game.

As an added feature players can also see their own recoil and it is even compatible with the AimTraim plugin.


  • It works in spectator mode, ideal for the first person.
  • Supports the simultaneous display of multiple administrators.
  • Tracking the pattern as the player shoots.
  • Accuracy bar for hits.
  • Using Chat and Console Commands (F1).
  • Ability to temporarily disable use in spectator mode when using the console command “recoil off”.
  • Highly customizable in settings.
  • Players can see their own retrospective (if they have the appropriate permission).
  • Optimized so that only the information of the displayed players is collected: Shoots, Hits and HeadShots info.
  • Recognition of the item in the automatic player’s hand. (If it is compatible it shows the recoil and if not it shows a customizable message in LANG).
  • [OPTIONAL] Compatibility with the AimTraim mod. The display will turn on and off automatically when you enter the training zone.
  • [OPTIONAL] Compatibility with ZoneManager. In the config you can now put a list of zones where Recoil Viewer will be activated and deactivated automatically.
  • [OPTIONAL] Compatibility with Arkan. Adjustable in config. You can now automatically activate the viewer when an Arkan alert for No Recoil is triggered.
Currently only compatible with the following weapons:
  • rifle.ak
  • rifle.ak.ice
  • rifle.lr300
  • smg.mp5
  • smg.2
  • thompson
  • M249
If several users want another weapon to be added I will try to implement it. I will also try to refine the existing patterns if necessary. (You can also send me your corrections.)

Complete Configuration:
A complete configuration so that you can adapt it to your liking.

  • Use Spectate true/false.
  • Use Training (Mod External: AimTraim).
  • Show Shooting Info.
  • Clean when reloading weapon.
  • Enables or disables automatically in the “spectate”.
  • Many panel customizations. Background color, text sizes, colors, position and more!
Permissions and Command:
The permissions that this plugin contains are the following:
RecoilViewer.player (So that players can see their own recoil.)
RecoilViewer.admin (To use Commands.)
RecoilViewer.spectate (To use it in spectator mode.)
RecoilViewer.training (To be used automatically in the AimTrain training zones.)
Chat Command Admin:
  • /recoil NamePlayer/SteamID or partial name To start viewing a player.
  • /recoil To end the display of a player. (It is the same as clicking the close button)
Chat Command Player:
  • /recoil Enable or disable the recoil viewer.
Console Command Admin:
  • recoil NamePlayer/SteamID or partial name To start viewing a player.
  • recoil To end the display of a player. (It is the same as clicking the close button)
  • recoil off To temporarily disable use in spectator mode. It will reactivate when you use the recoil command again.
Pattern Data:
The data file with the patterns is downloaded separately (within the same price), you can find it in the first version of the plugin and download it from there. Or ask me privately if you can’t find it.

Once downloaded, you must replace the one generated by the plugin itself in the oxide / data folder. If you have any problem with this, open me a private message to help you with it.

Language File:
For the price that this plugin is worth, it also includes a small language file in case you want to translate it into your language or have compatibility with several languages.

Config Example:
  "Use Spectate": true,
  "Use Arkan (Mod External: Arkan)": true,
  "Use Training (Mod External: AimTrain)": false,
  "Use ZoneManager (Mod External: ZoneManager)": true,
  "Active Zones (ZoneID)": [
  "Show Shooting Info": true,
  "Clean when reloading weapon": true,
  "Windows Config": {
    "Position AnchorMin": "0.810 0.571",
    "Position AnchorMax": "0.992 0.895",
    "Background Color": "0.0 0.0 0.0 0.75",
    "Close Text Color": "1 1 1 1",
    "Close Background Color": "0.87 0.0 0.0 0.9"
  "Text Display": {
    "Weapon - AnchorMin": "0.03 0.91",
    "Weapon - AnchorMax": "0.5 0.98",
    "Weapon - Size": 12,
    "Weapon - Color": "0.8 0.8 0.8 1",
    "Player Name - AnchorMin": "0.03 0.84",
    "Player Name - AnchorMax": "0.6 0.94",
    "Player Name - Size": 10,
    "Player Name - Color": "1 1 1 0.8",
    "No Pattern - Size": 15,
    "No Pattern - Color": "1 0 0.38 1"
  "Info Display": {
    "Shoots Counter": {
      "Icon URL": "https://i.imgur.com/XhvNi3x.png",
      "Icon AnchorMin": "0.03 0.78",
      "Icon AnchorMax": "0.08 0.83",
      "Text AnchorMin": "0.1 0.865",
      "Text AnchorMax": "0.4 0.935",
      "Font Size": 12,
      "Font Color": "0.8 0.8 0.8 0.7"
    "Hit Counter": {
      "Icon URL": "https://i.imgur.com/XtiT7fO.png",
      "Icon AnchorMin": "0.03 0.71",
      "Icon AnchorMax": "0.08 0.76",
      "Text AnchorMin": "0.1 0.79",
      "Text AnchorMax": "0.4 0.86",
      "Font Size": 11,
      "Font Color": "0.8 0.8 0.8 0.7"
    "HeadShoot Counter": {
      "Icon URL": "https://i.imgur.com/VlMQT8F.png",
      "Icon AnchorMin": "0.03 0.64",
      "Icon AnchorMax": "0.08 0.69",
      "Text AnchorMin": "0.1 0.715",
      "Text AnchorMax": "0.4 0.785",
      "Font Size": 11,
      "Font Color": "0.8 0.8 0.8 0.7"
    "Accuracy Display": {
      "Show Bar": true,
      "BG Color 30%": "0.00 0.52 0.29 0.72",
      "BG Color 60%": "0.97 0.51 0.14 0.72",
      "BG Color 80%": "0.97 0.06 0.20 0.72",
      "Font Color": "0.9 0.9 0.9 0.7"
  "Pattern Weapons": {
    "Sets the point of the pattern": "•",
    "Point Size": 14,
    "Point Color": "1 0 0.38 1",
    "Point Fire Color": "0.63 0.98 0.63 1.0"
  "Recoil Player": {
    "Sets the point of the recoil": "⦿",
    "Point Size": 14,
    "Point Color": "1 1 1 1"

Version 1.4.1
  • Support is added to the new Ice AK, it is still a kind of new skin, so the recoil is the same as the normal ak. However, this update is necessary to show the pattern.
    Important to update the DATA file!
    There are no changes in config.

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Реакции: RealAmino
Recoil Viewer – Admin Recoil Tool
Admin Recoil Tool


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