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Bermuda's Rectangle

Платное Bermuda's Rectangle 1.1.0

Только поддержка
Bermuda's Rectangle 4K is a rust custom map with 4 different islands where each island has a different biome and landscape than the others.
A balanced monument placement with unique sightings from each island.
The map contains all procedural monuments except Junkyard
It is called Bermuda's Rectangle and not Triangle because we have 4 islands and not 3

Map has 2 versions , Normal version without railways and the other version with Railways connecting all 4 islands and couple stations!

A strange force is pulling ships towards the bottom of the ocean , dwell down to the bottom and explore the riches of the ocean.
Password comes with the map inside the "Read me" file.

Zip file contains a normal version which has no railways and the railways version with the plugin for railways and config for locations

It is important to load plugin before starting your server otherwise your server will not start with the map!

The map features custom and procedural monuments
~Procedural Monuments :
- Water Treatment Plant
- Train Yard
- Airfield
- Power Plant
- Launch Site
- Satellite Dish
- Giant Excavator
- Bandit Camp
- Outpost
- Sewer Branch
- The Dome
- HQM & Sulfur & Stone Quarries
- 3 Gas Stations
- 3 Mining Outpost
- 2 Abandoned Supermarket
- Large & Small Oil Rigs
- 6 Underwater Labs

~Custom Monuments :
- 2 Custom Shipwrecks by Niko & Lambo

~ Entity Count : 14541 Simple Version

~ Entity Count : 21517 Railways Version
~ Map Size : 4000
Password Comes with the map.
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