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Платное PooBot 1.1.0

Файл конфигурации

Special Thanks to PooWater on the Dark Ages RP Server for Design

UPDATE 1.1.0 - Fixed movement and changed appearance

Yes.. add your own player controlled robots in Rust

Named after the artist (Poowater) whose original design of the sculpture was turned into something alive!!!!


Note: Players need to be on the ground to deploy or spawn Poobot!!

Players will have the option to create or buy (if activated) a drivable robot called the Poobot!!! Once players have the Poobot in their inventory (the default placeholder is a large wooden chest that is re-skinned), all they need to do is place the "Poobot" on the ground and it spawns a full-size robot that they can use. Players can fight other robots, collect resources (if activated), destroy buildings and players (if activated). Just great chaotic fun!!!!!

By default, the Poobot does not require fuel, but when powered up, the player will need the standard Low Grade Fuel stuff in the inventory to move and use the Poobot.

Rocket ammo will also need to be on the player to be available for use when moving the Poobot.

Players can repack the Poobot for later use by clicking the Robot GUI button or typing the command while seated. Additionally, players can repair Poobots with metal shards and hit them with a hammer.
Swap Weapon Button - Feature coming soon

Repack Robot Button - will repack and put the robot back in the player's inventory

Fuel - Shows the current amount of fuel in the player's inventory

Spar Mode button - robot spar mode enabled

Sentry Mode Button - Feature coming soon

Rockets left and Rockets right ready /cooldown/no ammo indicators Indicator

health in blue


poobot.craft - allows authorized players to create a robot with specified material and quantity

poobot.spawn - allows authorized players to spawn poobots anytime and do full repair without materials, more of an admin/mod thing. good for setting up battles.

Chat Commands:

/poobot - displays help text about poobot

/poobot.repack - allows player to repack poobot back to inventory. Or use Button in Robot GUI

/poobot.repair - allows authorized spawn players to fully heal robot without materials

/poobot.craft - allows authorized craft players to create a robot with materials and it will place it in there inventory to deploy when wanted.

/poobot.spawn - Allows authorized spawn players to spawn a poobot on there location at ground level.

/poobot.dismount - simple chat command to dismount from poobot.. you can also just Jump do dismount.

/poobot.activatenpc - alternate way to start spar mode. Hitting GUI Button is easier. lol

console command

givepoobot - used for reward store or authorized spawn players can use it to give themselves a poobot in inventory

poobotrepack - allows you to repack a robot you deployed

poobotactivatenpc - alternate way to start spar mode. Hitting GUI Button is easier. lol

poobotactivatesentry - alternate way to activate sentry mode. Button is easier. (Currently does nothing)
Default Configuration



"Craft - Amount of Materials needed to craft a full robot ": 10000,

"Craft - Item ID of the material needed to craft robot (default Metal Fragments) ": 69511070,

"Fuel - Amount of fuel needed per tick to run Robot ": 5,

"Fuel - Item ID of Fuel needed to run Robot ": -946369541,

"Fuel - Seconds between fuel ticks ": 60.0,

"Gather - Ore - Amount gathered per cycle when hitting Ore nodes ": 100,

"Gather - Wood - Amount gathered per cycle when hitting Trees ": 100,

"Gather - Wood - Number of cycles before Tree is empty ": 5,

"Global - Allow Robot Repack if Robot Health is not 100% ": false,

"Global - Allow Robot Repack if Robot is under Weapons reload Cooldown ": false,

"Global - Allow Robot to damage players/buildings..etc ": false,

"Global - Allow Robot to gather resources from Tree/Ore ": true,

"Global - Do Knockback effects when robots hit each other ": true,

"Global - Enable Condition Loss when hitting other Non Robots (players, buildings, ets..) ? ": false,

"Global - Enable Condition Loss when hitting other Robots ? ": false,

"Global - Ore - Number of cycles before Ore nodes are empty ": 5,

"Global - Require Fuel to run Robot ?": false,

"Health - Minimum Health needed when repairing to stand robot back up ": 2000.0,

"Health - Starting / Max Health of all Robots ": 10000.0,

"Punch - Condition Loss - How much condition loss damage will robot take when punching NON robots (players, buildings..etc) ": 50.0,

"Punch - Condition Loss - How much condition loss damage will robot take when punching other robots ": 10.0,

"Punch - Damage - Damage to Robots when hit by other robots ": 500.0,

"Punch - Damge - Damage to Non robots entities when being hit by robot punch ": 50.0,

"Punch - Knowndown - Chances a landed robot punch will knock down a roboat for a few seconds ": 5,

"Punch - Radius - how wide of a fist will the robot have when punching and looking for something to damage ": 1.3,

"Repair - Amount of health restored by one hit when repairing ": 1000.0,

"Repair - Amount of Materials needed to repair per hit ": 100,

"Repair - Item ID of the material needed to repair (default Metal Shards) ": 69511070,

"Rocket - Cooldown - How long should the player wait to reuse the rockets in the robot": 120

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