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About Simple Link – Discord & Steam Linking System​

Simple Link the first and best verification system!​

Why my system?

More information will be detailed below, but to put it in a basic sense: I provide a solid product delivered by someone who has been developing software and doing back end work for over 10 years, and it is also my professional field. I have had zero complaints about the way the system works, or about it causing any server-sided or performance issues, and that is with 175+ happy customers to date. All of my previous customers have been through word of mouth, simply because people wanted a better product and knew I could provide it. I've had no complaints thus far, I've spent a lot of time developing, maintaining, and updating the system, and I believe in the quality of work, not the quantity of price. Ryz0r's verification system, Simple Link, has been delivered too and used on over 175 servers at this point. I strive to provide the best support, quickest updates, and quick installs. If you need any support, I'm only a message away, and my customers can attest to this! There may be some competitors out there, but no one will beat the quality support I provide, the easy installation and the free updates. I'm usually on Discord all the time, and if not my phone is always next to me for quick and easy replies. My system has proven time and time again to provide great results with no effects to server performance!


  • Web Server with MySQL, PHP
  • Server/Bot Container with NodeJS 12
  • Rust Server

Suggested Setup​

  • Hetzner VPS ($3-4/month) - This will run the web server, MySQL, PHP, PHPMyAdmin & NodeJS.
  • Rust Server - Shared or dedicated does not matter!

Setting Up Database w/ PHPMyAdmin​

Setup Instructions - Detailed Instructions Provided with Product Delivery​

  1. Create A New Discord Bot - Discord Dev Portal
  2. Set Bot Redirect & OAuth2 in OAuth2 Section to https://yourdomain.com/discord
  3. Move down to scopes and select bot, and a new section named "Bot Permissions" should show up. Choose View Channels, Manage Server, Manage Roles. Then, click the save button and invite the bot to your guild. Upon inviting the bot, there should be a role name created that is exactly the name of your bot. Please move this role to the very top or else it won't properly give out your verified role.
  4. Upload all files from the website folder to your web server where the website will be hosted from, and then open main.conf.php for editing.
  5. There are quite a few fields in here, so read the detailed setup instructions for information on what each item does.
  6. Modify SteamAuth/SteamConfig.php and fill in your Steam API Key found here , and also your domain in the spots where it says YOUR DOMAIN HERE.
  7. Open the file called api.php and replace $$SECRET$$ with a secret identifier of your choice. Any string is okay here.
  8. Upload the plugin to your Rust server, modify Oxide/Config/UniversalLink.json. The most important part will be the API URL as: https://yourdomain.com/api.php?action=steamChecks&id={id(s)}&secret=yourapikey. For more detailed instructions reference the guide in the product file.
  9. The last step will be setting the bot up. Upload this to your web server, or a bot container and then edit the file. All fields to modify are at the top and you are told what to modify. Then, install the following three NPM packages: (steamapi, node-fetch, discord.js), and then run it using NodeJS 12.

Product Features​

  • Web-Based Discord & Steam Login
  • Verification Rewards - Reward players for linking their Discord & Steam together.
  • Steam Group Rewards - Reward players instantly for joining your Steam Group.
  • Nitro Boost Rewards - Reward players in-game that Nitro Boost your Discord.
  • Discord Bot - A provided Discord bot allows you to search all verified players given a Discord ID or Steam ID. This can help to quickly identify players in your Discord or In Game.
  • Custom API - A custom API is provided that allows you to develop your own things around the system. Some customers have made ticket bots that only allow verified users to open a ticket, and displays their Steam Information upon making a ticket.
  • Website - The website is designed and ready to go after a few configuration steps. It is designed in HTML & CSS so it is easy to adjust and change as some customers have already done.
  • No Discord Extension! - This plugin does not rely on the Discord Extension.. which means random crashes, and bots timing out are no longer a thing. I made the system and plugin with performance in mind, so the plugin uses a queuing system to hand out rewards, or allows for use of a command to do it.
  • Oxide -> Discord Role Sync - Roles are synced from Oxide to Discord. All roles you configure will be synced after the plugin is loaded. Existing roles will not be, but all roles going forward will be.


Simple Link – Discord & Steam Linking System – Discord & Steam Linking System
Discord & Steam Linking System


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