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About WalkingDead​


Walking Dead will resurrect a player with a "Walker" using the player's name and outfit with the option to spawn it with a Flaming entrance and several other options.
Optional dependencies :
  • Rust Kits
Not compatible with :
  • RestoreUponDeath (if assigned to restore clothing in this case fully) !!!!
Features :
  • Walkers spawning using a players Name and clothing
  • Spawns a Walker (scientist) after a player died/suicided
  • Hostile like a real walker even goes for sleepers and scientists and animals
  • It can resurrect "From Hell" with flaming spawn true/false.
  • Configurable Spawn amount
  • Configurable Spawn delay time
  • Configurable cooldowns on walker spawning to avoid suicide spam harvesting
  • Select to show gametip or chat messaging (or neither)
  • Configurable Health/Lifetime/Roam Range
  • Can use kits (only clothing) and can use a random kit if set multiple up
  • Compatible with NPCKits (NPCKits won't override the Walkers outfit)
  • Despawns the Walkers on plugin unload
  • Walkers will not spawn inside bases (on foundations)
  • Walkers will not spawn when suicided (cfg option) (Added in v1.1.4)
  • Backup your configs before plugin updates!
  • Test option to block spawning in 1 zone (will be extended in near future) (Added in V1.1.4)
50% of sales will be donated to the codefling website !!!
Permissions :

No permissions
Commands :
: tells version/author/and a little backend story
Logfiles :
No logging yet.
Configuration : (new spawn system since v1.0.6!!!)
  1. Spawns the zombie as the player's clone
  2. If the player had no clothes on, it would use one of the kits assigned in configuration (random)
  3. if no kits assigned or the kits are having a mismatch (typo), it will spawn the zombie using the predefined zombieoutfit (mumysuit)
Localization :

English language file included using a different language make a new file in the language folder.

"Zombie_Spawn": "You died and resurrected a Walker!",
"Prefix": "<color=green>Walking Dead : </color>",
"info": "\nThe [Walking Dead] will resurrect players as Walkers\nThese are aggressive and attack anything on sight !!\nUsing their melee weapons they can and will go after you !!",
"Cooldown": "You have a cooldown and didnt ressurect a walker!!"
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