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Patrol Boat for Rust

Платное Patrol Boat for Rust 1.0.16

Файл конфигурации
New !!! Update 1.0.16 - Null Fix

Remember : Players can toggle there client culling off by going to F1 console, then typing culling.env 0. This will stop chairs from becoming invisible if its a issue.

Patrol Boat for Rust

Time to add some Power to your Rust Watercraft !!!!!

This will allow any Authorized player, which has the proper materials to stand in Knee deep ish water, then type: /patrolboat.build
Which a brand new Patrol Boat will appear ready for Builder to pilot.

Patrol Boat comes standard with AutoTurret up on front, and a Searchlight on top of cabin roof.

- Patrol Boat itself does not currently take damage, but seats, turret, engine, fuelbox, searchlight and people on the boat do !!!
- Permissions are needed to Pilot and/or sit as passenger of any Patrol Boat
- By default, only one boat per person at a time. This can be changed in the config file.
- Due to rust limits. movement past the 4000 X or 4000 Z locations are prevented while piloting the raft.
- Seated players move with boat, standing ones will fall off.. .lol FYI
- Players may only build 1 patrol boat at a time, unless the option is turned off in config file.
- Autoturret acts just like a normal turret in terms of modes and how it selects targets. So make sure to authorize anyone you don't want shot !!
- Autoturret will auto authorize the builder of the Boat as well.
- New !!! Boats will spawn locked with no code set. Players will have to unlock codelock to drive boat. from then on, they can add there own code. Codes are saved on server restarts / plugin reloads.

patrolboat.builder - assign this to a player or group to allow them to build and use the patrol boats.
patrolboat.admin - assign this to player to allow them admin commands.

Chat Commands:

/patrolboat.build - while standing in knee deep ish water, this will spawn in a fully built patrol boat.
/patrolboat.light - while seated in pilot chair, this will toggle ON or OFF the search light. Searchlight will follow pilots head direction.
/patrolboat.destroy - Builder of patrol boat can use this command to destroy all of there own boats in the world.
/patrolboat.turret - turns turret off and on while seated in pilot chair.
/patrolboat.destroyall - Authorized patrolboat.admin user can destroy ALL boats on the server at once.
/patrolboat.loc - used to show your current location in X and Z format.

Fuel For Boat:
The Patrol boat used Low Grade Fuel to move around. You can only put 1 stack inside fuel box (wooden box on back of boat). A full stack of 500 will last approx 30 minutes.
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