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Платное Skirmish 1.0.4

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Skirmish is a plugin and prefab combo that generates paintball games on your server.

The plugin automatically runs the event at a set interval (or consecutively with other games if using EventHelper to manage it), and allows for players to join from anywhere using the /skjoin chat command.

The game randomly chooses between free-for-all and deathmatch game modes. Players are eliminated when they take enough hits and the last person/team standing is declared the winner(s).

The package comes standard with 2 default arenas: Sewers and Warehouse. These can be placed anywhere under your map and do not require any manipulation other than drag and drop in RustEdit (just make sure they are under the terrain).

  • Automatic running of games. No chat commands or setup is required as the plugin finds the arena's automatically when a server wipes.
  • 2 Game mode types included: Free-For-All & Team Deathmatch.
  • Configurable magazine capacity, team clothing and rewards.
  • Supports setup for your own arenas with ease.
  • 2 arenas included: Warehouse and Sewers.
  • Uses EventHelper to manage players entering and exiting the arena. Strips their items and saves their stats on entry, then restores their items and stats when they leave.
There are a number of chat commands that can be used to initiate, end, join, leave and setup a game.

Command: skstart <optional: time override> <optional: arena name>
Description: Manually starts the game. The time override parameter states how long the lobby will run for before the game begins. The arena name parameter allows you to select a specific arena to play in.
Example: skstart 120 "Warehouse Arena" - would start a game in 120 seconds at the warehouse arena.

Command: skend
Description: Ends the current game of Skirmish and teleports players back to their start location.
Example: skend - ends the game. No parameters required.

Command: skcleardata
Description: Clears all player reward data.
Example: skcleardata - clears the data. No parameters required.

Command: sksetlobby
Description: Sets the lobby destination (where the players wait for the game to begin). This is only required if you AREN'T using the warehouse arena, as the warehouse arena automatically sets the lobby destination for you.
Example: sksetlobby - Sets the lobby at your current position. No parameters required.

Command: skprize
Description: Used to redeem outstanding prizes for winning a game. Prizes accumulate for each win.
Example: skprize - redeems the prize to the players inventory. No parameters required.

Command: skjoin
Description: Joins any active skirmish games that are running.
Example: skjoin - performs a number of checks on the player then joins the lobby. No parameters required.

Command: skleave
Description: Leaves the current event and puts the player back where they were with all of their items/stats.
Example: skleave - leaves the event. No parameters required.

Command: sk
Description: Displays a UI to start the game with. Allows for arena, mode and lobby delay to be selected.
Example: sk- opens the ui

This plugin allows for map developers to create arenas and ship them with support. Server owners can also create arenas out of existing structures using the same logic (although a fenced off area is recommended so players don't run off).

You can follow this video tutorial for more information on adding support for your arenas.

Rust prefabs list: https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-prefab-list/

Template to ship with your map:

Example config:

SkirmishSpawns plugin:

skirmish.admin - required to start/stop a game and clear data.

Image Library - https://umod.org/plugins/image-library
Event Helper - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f00jgMpiFHH8EbqyVWMmo_mggWgG0Lj2/view?usp=sharing

Works with:

Arena Prefab is also included in the Plugin itself
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