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Amusement Rides

Платное Amusement Rides 0.9.8

Только поддержка
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Amusement Rides In short​

This plugin allows to craft, deploy, maintain, raid and use different types of carnival, fairground and theme park Rides. Players can set up their own attractions and anyone you allow can ride them for fun. You can charge for the pleasure – what a fun way to get rich! Some Amusement Rides come with music, some of them can kill you, some you can operate manually, some can be helpful from a tactical standpoint. Early Access comes with 3 attractions (with more already in the works!), fun physics, easy to navigate GUIs and a detailed documentation.


4 unique Rides – and more coming soon!​

The Vomit Comet, Merry-Go-Round, the Ferris Wheel and Mechanical Bull. Each unique, each with its own gimmick, each will make for a picturesque landmark AND a fun way to spend some scrap.

Easy on the CPU – despite its unprecedented scope​

This plugin was made with optimisation in mind – and that process will never end. It utilises very cheap, “piggyback” physics updates that are built into Rust/Unity – no re-inventing the wheel, just re-purposing it. Amusement Rides can easily handle thousands of entities moving/revolving at once AND it looks as smooth as native Rust physics, with minimum overhead.

Intuitive, easy to navigate GUI​

Gone are the days of spawning with hard-to-remember commands (but you still can, if you’re an admin). Just open your Workbench, see what Rides are available for that level (what they look like, how much they cost, what’s special about them), and get crafting! This feature can be disabled in the config if you only want admins to be able to craft Rides.


Every Ride is configured from a GUI, too. Authorised players can decide different settings about the Ride (and again, more settings coming soon – that’s why I left some space there!)


Different ways of setting up rides​

By default, every player can craft any ride provided they have the right Workbench and enough resources. You can disable that in the config so only admins can deploy rides. Apart from crafting, as an admin, you can also give yourself (or another player) the ride item without crafting with one simple command. Another way is spawning the Ride directly where you are – this ignores any proximity checks for Rides an entities nearby. Again – everything’s in the documentation!

Great way to encourage player PVP and interaction​

Just like Vending machines, Rides can attract visitors – both wanted and not-so-wanted! They usually hold upkeep resources and admission fee items in its container – so make sure you lock them up and keep an eye for those pesky raiders! Or better yet, pick them up once you’re done, and deploy them again anywhere, any time. Having a pop-up Carnival has never been this easy!

Some Rides are not just for fun/getting rich quick: they’re also useful on their own, as tactical structures. Roof camping from the Ferris Wheel? Hiding behind the door in the Merry Go Round? Launching yourself over the walls of an enemy compound with the aid of the Vomit Comet? Shhh, if anyone asks, you didn’t hear that from me…
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