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This plugin allows you to change your chat name, chat formatting (size, tags, colour) and steam icon to blend in as a normal player.


  • covertadmin.use - players with this permission can use all commands listed below
  • /covert - this will set you into covert mode with a randomly assigned name and ID that is defined in the config (this command is also used to disable covert mode)
  • ** Make sure the config has the name and a correct steamID or it can cause server error messages.
  • /covert "name" - this will set you into covert mode with the specified name and the "?" chat icon
  • /covert "name" "steamID" - this will set you into covert mode with the specified name and chat icon that links to the input steamID.
"format": "<size={0}>{1} <color={2}>{3}</color>: {4}</size>",
"No Permission": "You cannot use this command",
"configerror": "Error in config, cannot read SteamID, Please check config for errors.",
"inputerror": "Error processing SteamID, please try again.",
"Covert Disabled": "Covert mode disabled",
"Covert Enabled": "Covert mode enabled! You will now appear under the name of \"{0}\"",
"Already In Covert": "You are already in covert mode",
"Login Warning": "Your covert mode is still activated! type /covert to disable it"

Please note:
  • This plugin is not currently working as a full admin spoofing tool, and should only currently be used as a way to communicate in chat under another players name.
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