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Payback 2 Commands

– Target will get attacked by a bear if he's farming wood or stone. Add -landmine to strap a bunch of landmines to the bear's face!

Potato – Target's (FPS) frame rate will decrease dramatically. Warning, this is designed to eventually crash Rust

Hogwild – Ride the cheater around like a pig! REEE!

Interrogate / Sack - Throw a hood over the cheater's head, force them to spill their secrets! They can't see anything unless they speak!! Supports spectate mode!

Spitroast - Stick 'em with the pointy end and feast on their tears. Roast the cheater roticery style over the fire!
...And much more coming soon!

Also Includes Commands Available In Every Payback Plugin​

pacifism : target player deals no player damage to non-teammates. I recommend always putting this one on so your players won’t suffer any longer. This will also alert any players being attacked, saying:
“You are being attacked by [cheater name] a known cheater!
Tommygun’s Payback Plugin has prevented all damage to you.”

instantkarma : target player deals no damage to enemies and 35% of the damage is reflected back to them.

dud : target player deals no damage to NON-PLAYER entities. Also prevents farming / tool use.

sit : spawns a chair in front of you and forces the cheater to sit. Doesn’t let them get up and will place them back in if they die. This is great for sitting abusive players down and having a little chat!

higherground : target player is teleported 100m into the air

Loot : allows you to view target player’s inventory (in realtime) to check for hoverloot cheats or mess with their inventory!

NoRest – No Rest For The Wicked! Force the player to respawn!

Bag – Print all players that have bagged target player in, and print all players that have been bagged. Include “discord” after the command to log the results to discord.


  • This plugin is super light-weight, it’s been battle tested on high pop servers at Mango, Vortex, and even Rustopia!
  • All commands work through the F1 console as well as /chatcommands
  • I will be supporting this plugin with regular updates.
  • I will be adding more Payback2 commands for months to come
  • Please purchase an additional copy for each server that you run! I want to keep this plugin accessible to small server owners too!


  • Admins require the permission payback.admin to use these commands!

    Oxide permission command:
    oxide.grant group admin payback.admin

  • use ‘payback2’ to see what commands are available
  • Add “team” after a command to apply the effect to target player’s team as well as them.
  • use ‘/payback2 show’ to see which players have which cards
  • use ‘/payback2 clear’ to remove all cards from all players.
  • many of these commands have a shorthand name, use /payback2 to see them all
  • It is NOT necessary to remove effects from players when finished.
  • Payback 2 can be installed alongside Payback 1, but they do not depend on each other. You don't need Payback 1 for this to work!
  • If you use Permission Manager, you might want to change the line of code in Payback2 that says "payback.admin" to "payback2.admin", as that will allow you to grant permissions to Payback1 and Payback2 separately.
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Payback 2 – Admin tool used to punish/troll cheaters
Admin tool used to punish/troll cheaters
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