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Платное PayBack 2.0.12

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Troll, punish, ridicule and dominate the bad apples! Give them butterfingers so they drop their gun!

Give them pacifism so they can't do damage to your players, and let your community get sweet revenge!

LOTS OF payback options come with this plugin! Also comes with a bonus /listen command to make spectating more fun!

This plugin is super lightweight, it's been battle tested on high pop servers at Mango, Vortex, and even Rustopia!
All commands work through the F1 console as well as /chatcommands

admins require the permission payback.admin to use these commands!
Add "team" after a command to apply the effect to the target player's team as well as them.
Example: /butterfingers team
/setdroppercent <1-100>% to change the chance butterfingers would drop
use 'payback' to see what commands are available
use '/payback show' to see which players have which cards
use '/payback clear' to remove all cards from all players.
many of these commands have a shorthand name, use /payback to see them all

It is NOT necessary to remove effects from players when finished.

[24 Abilities] Here's a big list of everything this plugin can do:
pacifism : target player deals no player damage to non-teammates. I recommend always putting this one on so your players won't suffer any longer. This will also alert any players being attacked, saying:
“You are being attacked by [cheater name] a known cheater!
Tommygun's Payback Plugin has prevented all damage to you.”

butterfingers: % chance for target player to drop their weapon when damaging an enemy. % chance is modified based on magazine size.

instantkarma : target player deals no damage to enemies and 35% of the damage is reflected back to them.

dud : target player deals no damage to NON-PLAYER entities. Also prevents farming / tool use.

dogdoo : landmine under target player when the access stashes.

bsod : target player receives a fake blue-screen-of-death.

sit : spawns a chair in front of you and forces the cheater to sit. Doesn't let them get up and will place them back in if they die. This is great for sitting abusive players down and having a little chat!

naked : force player to drop everything they have in their inventory, also makes them do the chicken dance! (chicken dance no longer functional as of April 2021 :'( qq )

camomo : apply a combination of abilities Camomo has selected

higherground : target player is teleported 100m into the air

thirsty : target player becomes thirsty very quickly [takes a bit to kick in ]

drno : target player can no longer heal

steal : steal target player's inventory and place it in your own

rocketman : stick a rocket up their crack and launch them!

Pinyata : target player's inventory explodes out of them when they die

Chickenchaser : Spawns a horde of chickens with super speed that only attack target player!
add another word after the command to change the animal type: “wolf”, “bear”, “boar”, or “stag”

Loot : allows you to view target player's inventory (in realtime) to check for hoverloot cheats or mess with their inventory!

NoRest – No Rest For The Wicked! Force the player to respawn!

Burn – Gives a player a flamethrower that will make his foes scream and burn

Bag – Print all players that have bagged target player in, and print all players that have been bagged. Include "discord" after the command to log the results to discord

Shocker - Shock target player to death. Affects nearby players so be careful. Make sure to disable it after use.

Masochist – player can't f1 kill

Emote – force player to run an emote / gesture

Shark – a shark comes to eat the cheater!

listen : you can also use /listen to cycle through players who have recently used the microphone (great to bind!). This is also really good for catching hard R spam, and is just generally entertaining otherwise!

Discord Webhooks:
Optionally, you can configure discord webhooks to get notifications about cheaters on your server.
  • Detect players that have been temporarily game banned (they're usually pretty sus!) There's also an option to auto-ban played with these temp bans.
  • Log player's teammates when they get game banned on your server
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    Fixed Higher Ground
  2. What's New in Version 1.9.8

    fixed: Ignite' takes 0' arguments Small improvements to code

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