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Hunger Games

Платное Hunger Games 1.1.15

  1. Английский
Требуемый плагин
  1. https://oxide-russia.ru/resources/3001/
Дополнительный плагин
  1. https://umod.org/plugins/night-vision

Hunger Games

About Hunger Games

Hunger games is a Battle Royale game mode for Rust, which was inspired by the hunger games movie.

Players are thrown into an unforgiving environment and are forced to scavenge for weapons and armor, all the while a toxic atmosphere pushes them is closing in around them, forcing them closer to one another.

The weapon and armor spawns are controlled by the plugin. This allows server owners to create multiple weapon profiles for players to have fun with.


  • Customizable weapon/armor lists (primitive and guns come default).
  • Automated gameplay every hour (configurable).
  • Automatic handling for stripping and saving player items, so they can join a game from anywhere with EventHelper
  • Customizable end-zones, allowing each game to feel different.
  • Automatic clean-up after a game.
  • Configurable prize system.
  • Automatically wipes the data on a new map save and sets itself back up.
  • Customisable commands black list, to prevent players using the desired chat commands while participating.
Running the game

  • The game will start automatically every hour (configurable).
  • When it starts, it will give players 5 minutes (configurable) to join.
  • A player can join by typing in the join command (default: /hg). This will strip and save their items and their stats.
  • When the round begins, the elevators will carry the players to the surface, and the doors will open after a short while.
  • Approximately a minute later, a large dome will spawn around the center of the end-zone. This will make any area outside of its coverage a radiation zone. Players must be within the bounds of the dome to not accumulate radiation.
  • When a player dies, they are removed from the game and are respawned with their items and original stats. A player can also leave by typing /leave or disconnecting.
  • The game ends when there is only 1 player left standing, or the max time is exceeded (45 min default).
  • The winner will be prompted to type /claimprize when they leave the game, which will provide them with a reward.

hungergames.admin – allows the player to manually start/end games, add loot profiles and add end zones.​


Chat Commands

  • starthg <seconds>

    • Starts a new game, which begins after x seconds.
  • endhg

    • Ends the current Hunger games event.
  • hg

    • Joins an active game.
  • leave

    • Leaves an active game.
  • hgplayers​

    • Lists all players who are active in a game. Requires hungergames.list permission.
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