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About Sputnik​

Sputnik is a server event that allows players to contest fallen sputnik satellite fragments that fall around the map. Players will need to battle their way past patrol helicopters, NPCs, turrets, and mines to gain access to loot locked behind keycards that require 'Space Cards,' which can be added to loot tables or sold in a shop! Alternatively, you can use standard keycards.


By default, there are five types of debris that can fall in any quantity and combination. The fragment can be guarded by a helicopter, NPCs, turrets, and mines. For each preset, you can configure the location and number of crates. A radiation zone can be created around the fragment. By default, there is a card reader in one of the locations that open a locked crate. It is activated using the “Space card.” For more information, see the “Space card” section.

Space Card

A card reader can be placed on any type of sputnik debris. By default, it is activated using a purple "Space Card." This card reader opens the crates specified in a special section of the config. A custom card can be added to the loot tables of standard crates and crates of this event. It can also be given with the help of a command or sold in the server store. If necessary, the card reader can be removed, and the card can be replaced with any type of standard card.

Location presets

The location preset is specified for each wreckage preset separately. By default, a data file with five types of prefabs is included:

  • sputnik_1
  • debris_1
  • debris_2
  • debris_3
  • debris_4
They are shown in pictures 6 - 10. The first location includes a locked crate that opens with the help of a "Space Map."
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  1. 1.3.0

    Fixed: NRE in CanEntityTakeDamage NRE in OnEntityDeath(AutoTurret autoTurret, HitInfo info)...
  2. 1.2.9

    Update for the new version of PveMode
  3. 1.2.7

    Incorrect message to the player when calculating the balance of the economy The destruction of...
  4. 1.2.6

    Added support for the RestoreUponDeath plugin Added the ability to block certain zone IDs when...
  5. 1.2.5

    Fixed: Economy didn't count NPC and helicopter kills

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