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Скидка Port A Fort 1.0.4

Требуемый плагин
  1. https://umod.org/plugins/copy-paste

Add PORT-A-FORTS from Fornite into Rust.​

Turn specific F1 Grenades into PORT-A-FORTS famous from Fortnite! Once the grenade explodes a fort will begin to be built where it exploded. This fort can then be used to get a competitive advantage over your enemies. Create your own forts in-game and then use them within this plugin.

What does the PORT-A-FORT do?​

Throwing a PORT-A-FORT F1 grenade causes a fort to be built over a period of time where it exploded. Once it's been built it will then be upgraded. A random fort is picked from a list of available forts provided in the config file.

How do I use it?​

PORT-A-FORTS can be incorporated into your server in the following ways!
Spawn then with /portafort– requires the permission “PORTAFORT.use”
Add an F1 Grenade with the skin id in your PORT-A-FORTS config file to add them to your loot table or add them to kits in the same way!
alternatively, you can spawn a fort by typing /port – requires the permission “PORTAFORT.me”

How To Install​

  • Drag the ports folder into the data folder for oxide
  • Drag the .cs file into the plugin folder

Commands and Perms​

/port - spawns a fort on your feet - "PORTAFORT.me"

/portafort – gives you a PORT-A-FORT grenade. Permission “PORTAFORT.use”


NamesOfPortFiles -> Add the names of the .json files for the specific forts that are within the ports folder in the oxide data folder.
HpOnComplete -> The health forts will have once they have been completed
FolderForPortFiles -> The folder where port data files are stored. May be good to change it to your CopyPaste folder.
ObjectBlockingRange -> Change this if your having issues with forts being build in bad spots such as in rocks or houses. The higher the value the more likely a block will not be built. Default is 1. Setting it to 0 will disable the check
SkinForPortAFort -> The skin id to determine if an f1 grenade is a PORT-A FORT or not.
SpeedToBuild -> How fast a building will get built. 0.01 default.
AmountToBuildPerLoop -> How many blocks will get placed per every cycle of the above time. default 2

How do I add my own forts?​

  1. Four forts are provided however you may wish to create your own more interesting ones. To do this you will need to get Misticos – Copy Paste plugin https://umod.org/plugins/copy-paste.
  2. Once a fort has been created copy the fort using the plugin stated.
  3. This will generate a .json file in the copypaste data folder and will be labeled the name of what you copied it as.
  4. Take this file and add it to the ports folder in the data folder.
  5. You then need to add the port to the config file under the section “NamesOfPortFiles”. You're then done!
Not all entities were tested so if your file doesn't work it may be because you added a weird entity.

Worried about lag?

The way buildings are built is a loop every x seconds. This is configured in the config file. You can also set the number of entities to be built per loop. Tweaking the settings may help if you experience lag. In the test video, 8+ were thrown at the same time and no noticeable lag appeared. It shouldn't be an issue but it's there in case you want to change it.
Port A Fort – PORT-A-FORTS famous from Fortnite
PORT-A-FORTS famous from Fortnite
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