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Fishing Competition

Платное Fishing Competition 1.0.2

Только поддержка

Adds a fishing competition to your server with modified fishing rods and a custom prefab. The plugin completely automates the running of the game and is highly configurable.

This plugin and prefab combo adds a functional fishing competition event into your server.
Players can type the chat command in to join the event when it starts, teleporting them to the platform to compete in the competition.
Setup is very easy and requires little to no RustEdit experience, as the tutorial video covers the placement and setup on your server.

This submission features a prefab and plugin combination. The download includes everything required to add this to your map and run the game on your server.
Some of the highlights include:
  • Completely automated event handling – the plugin handles the joining and running of the game.
  • Join from anywhere – players can join the minigame from anywhere on the map by typing the join command. This will strip the players items from them and place them in the lobby for when the game begins. Items are returned to the player and they are redeployed where they joined from after the game ends.
  • Includes a custom “professional” rod item that the players fish with. This allows you to set the tensile strength of the rod so it won’t snap as often.
  • Customizable prizes – can also include custom items from other plugins.
  • The option for players to keep the fish that they catch during the event.
  • Support for FishingTreasure – can add a temporary hotspot to the event, increasing the chances of obtaining a casket while participating. There is also an option to let players keep the caskets that they fish.
  • Fish specific competition options – the competition can allow any fish to give the player a point, or require the player to try and catch a specific fish type.

Chat command: startfc <optional: time override>
Description: Forces the game to start. Time override will dictate how long until the game begins.
Chat command: endfc
Description: Ends the current competition and returns players to their start locations.
Chat command: gofish
Description: Joins any active events that haven’t started yet.
Chat command: leavefc
Description: Leaves the current event.
Chat command: fcprize
Description: Rolls and gives the player a prize if they have outstanding prizes from winning.

fishingcompetition.admin – Allows you to use the startfc and endfc commands.

WIktr2z ScubaArena

  • EventHelper

21fQJ82 ScubaArena

  • FishingTreasure
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