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Dreamland” is a real island, which has absolutely everything for an unforgettable holiday for players, as well as it has everything for the battles in a fantasy world! The largest custom locations for collecting loot and research are located here. On its territory you will find five large fantastic locations, several unique places where you can build your own base, various small custom monuments and the exchange of all roadside monuments for custom ones! All these places are united by a well-maintained landscape with zones for the construction of bases and farms. Here you can do your favourite things and have fun, e.g. relax with teammates, build a farm, or even relax near the cool waterfall. “Dreamland” is a land of great emotions!
The map is allowed to be edited.

Map Size – 4000
Prefab Count – 36281 prefabs

Custom monuments:

☣Waterfall Dreams;
☣Luminous Lake;
☣Lost Portal;
☣Dungeon of Fantasy;
☣Fantasy Cave;
☣Wild Gas Station;
☣Cannibal House;
☣Abandoned Supermarket;
☣Custom places for building bases.

Monuments FP:

– Launch Site
– Outpost
– Train Yard
– Sewer Branch
– Water Treatment
– Snow Bandit camp
– Sphere
– Airfield
– Quarry
– Harbor
– Military tunnels
– OilRig
– Fishing Village
– Ranch
– Lighthouse
– Arctic Research Base
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Последние обновления

  1. 1.2.0

    Fixed The oil rigs have been moved further into the ocean, this should remove the red errors
  2. Update

    Added Monument Ferry Terminal Added The Nuclear Silo monument has been added
  3. Update

    Added Monument Power Plant Fixed a problem with launching on some hosting sites Added ID for the...
  4. Update

    Added Monument Power Plant Fixed a problem with launching on some hosting sites
  5. Dreamland

    «Страна грез» — это настоящий остров, на котором есть абсолютно все для незабываемого отдыха...