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About Personal Marketplace

Let your players shop from the safety of their own bases. Give them the ability to place & pickup their own drone Marketplaces, plus they look cool! With all the necessary configurable options, players will love this on any type of server, PvP or PvE.

  • Support for Friends, Clans, Teams
  • Works with rewards shops like Server Rewards, Economics etc.
  • Force on foundation (optional)
  • Pickup with hammer or chat command
  • Allow multiple marketplaces (optional)
  • Allow players to craft (optional)
  • Configurable crafting cost
  • More control with optional permissions
  • Drop item if building underneath destroyed (optional)
  • Lose condition on pickup (optional)
  • Checks for space before placing (prevents clipping through structures)

Permissions (Optional).
  • personalmarketplace.admin (Required for give & clear commands)
  • personalmarketplace.deploy
  • personalmarketplace.pickup
  • personalmarketplace.craft
Plugin devs can prevent conflict with this plugin by utilizing the following:
Interface.CallHook("MarketplaceCheck", skinID)
(where skinID = the skinID of the entity you are checking e.g. entity.skinID)
Returns true if the given entity's skinID matches an item used by this plugin (deployable wooden box item, or Marketplace entity) or null if it is not. Plugin devs can use this to prevent conflict with their plugins if dealing with large wooden boxes or other items which maybe be Marketplace related, now or in the future.

How to Place.

As there is no deployable marketplace item in Rust, the plugin uses the large wooden box planner to help guide and align the Marketplace where you want to place it. Keep in mind the marketplace is a very large item, so it is only a guide to help align it. Make sure to place it far away from where you stand and from buildings, if there is not enough room you will not be able to place and you will get a chat message to tell you this. If you don’t get the position right first time, no worries, just pick it up and try again until happy with the placement. Use caution if marketplace condition is enabled, picking up the marketplace too many times will cause it to break and it is NOT repairable!
Marketplaces are better placed in the middle of a 3x4 or larger foundation for best placement (see below image), but can be placed on open terrain or floors if allowed as such in the config:

Inventory item:

Custom Icon (to use in reward shops etc): https://rustynuts.gg/pmicon.png
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Personal Marketplace – Let your players shop from the safety of their own bases.
Let your players shop from the safety of their own bases.


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Последние обновления

  1. Update

    Updated for May 4th Rust update
  2. Fixed

    Occasional NRE (AddPlayerData) on plugin reload
  3. Fixed

    Fixed: OnEntityTakeDamage NRE when updating from 1.1.18 or below (also fixes Vending machines...
  4. Update

    Updated broken images in plugin page. No update to plugin.
  5. Update

    Fixed error where attached vending machines remained when a player picked up a Marketplace. New...

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Works Great!! Keep it up.

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