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New! Blacklist option added!!!

By popular request, I have added my F1 spawn plugin.
Simply give any player permission, and they will be able to spawn in what they want.
*️️*️️ Players are NOT given any admin/mod rights/permissions what so ever. *️️*️️
By default, Admin/Mods are not effected

f1spawn.allowed - allows user to spawn items with F1 Spawn other than whats on the blacklist.
f1spawn.bypassblacklist - allows player to bypass blacklist and spawn anything.

Example 1: to give a player named Colon Blow F1 spawn permissions:
oxide.grant user "colon blow" f1spawn.allowed
Example: to give all players (default player group) the ability to use F1 Spawn:
oxide.grant group default f1spawn.allowed
And they will be able to use the F1 Item menu to spawn in anything they want unless on blacklist.

Really useful for Creative / Build servers, or if you need someone to help build without giving them admin permissions.

Default Blacklist Config
  "List of BlackListed items": [
    "Satchel Charge",
    "Timed Explosive Charge",
    "Beancan Grenade",
    "F1 Grenade"
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