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Satellite Dish Event

Платное Satellite Dish Event 2.1.5

Только поддержка
  1. Русский
  2. Английский
Требуемый плагин
Дополнительный плагин


The event begins with a chat warning: a bioweapons deal will be in the Satellite Dish.
When the time is up, extra crates, NPCs guarding this location will appear in the Satellite Dish. Then a locked zombie’s cage will appear. A CH47 will fly to this location to make a transaction.
When the CH47 arrives, it will drop the locked crate as a payment for the biological weapon. Then it will land and zombies will begin boarding on the CH47. As soon as the CH47 has picked up all the remaining zombies, it will fly off the map.
If you kill at least one zombie, an alarm will start. The alarm can be ended by answering the phone on the Satellite Dish within 10 seconds.
If you don’t stop the alarm, reinforcements will arrive as Bradley to this location. It will parachute down from the aircraft.
All crates looting, NPCs, zombies, Bradley can be changed by configuration.
It is possible to change the configuration of all NPCs or use the BotSpawn plugin for NPCs.
There is a camera in the location for viewing the event and lighting for night events.
When an event appears, a marker will display on the map (configurable in the configuration file).
It is possible to set up in the configuration the PVP zone for those who use the TruePVE plugin.
All players in the event zone have a timer with countdown to the end of the event
It is possible to set up an automatic event appear on the map. All timers can be set up in the configuration.

"List of items"

  • "ShortName"
  • "Minimum"
  • "Maximum"
  • "Chance [0.0-100.0]"
  • "Is this a blueprint? [true/false]"
  • "SkinID (0 - default)"
  • "Name (empty - default)"
  • "Own loot table"
  • "Minimum numbers of items"
  • "Maximum numbers of items"
  • "List of items"
"Crates setting"

  • "Prefab"
  • "Position"
  • "Rotation"
  • "Use your own loot table? [true/false]"
  • "Own loot table"
"Locked crates setting"

  • "Time to unlock the crates [sec.]"
  • "Increase the event time if it's not enough to unlock the locked crate? [true/false]"
  • "Which loot table should the plugin use? (0 - default, BetterLoot, MagicLoot; 1 - own; 2 - AlphaLoot; 3 - CustomLoot)"
  • "Own loot table"
"Bradley setting"

  • "Health"
  • "The viewing distance"
  • "Radius of search"
  • "Scale damage"
  • "The multiplier of Machine-gun aim cone"
  • "The multiplier of Machine-gun fire rate"
  • "Amount of Machine-gun burst shots"
  • "Time that Bradley holds in memory the position of its last target [sec.]"
  • "The time between shots of the main gun [sec.]"
  • "The time between shots of the main gun in a fire rate [sec.]"
  • "Numbers of crates"
  • "Which loot table should the plugin use? (0 - default, BetterLoot, MagicLoot; 1 - own; 2 - AlphaLoot; 3 - CustomLoot)"
  • "Own loot table"
"Marker configuration on the map"

  • "Name"
  • "Radius"
  • "Alpha"
  • "Marker color"
  • "Outline color"
"Dome setting"

  • "Do you use the dome? [true/false]"
  • "Darkening the dome"
"GUI setting"

  • "Do you use the countdown GUI? [true/false]"
  • "AnchorMin"
  • "AnchorMax"
"GUI Announcements setting"

  • "Do you use the GUI Announcements? [true/false]"
  • "Banner color"
  • "Text color"
  • "Adjust Vertical Position"
"Notify setting"

  • "Do you use the Notify? [true/false]"
  • "Type"
"Discord setting (only for users DiscordMessages plugin)"

  • "Do you use the Discord? [true/false]"
  • "Webhook URL"
  • "Embed Color (DECIMAL)"
  • "Keys of required messages"
"NPCs setting"

  • "Location of all NPCs"
  • "Wear items"
  • "Belt items"
  • "Kit"
  • "Name (empty - default)"
  • "Health"
  • "Roam Range"
  • "Chase Range"
  • "Attack Range Multiplier"
  • "Sense Range"
  • "Target Memory Duration [sec.]"
  • "Scale damage"
  • "Aim Cone Scale"
  • "Detect the target only in the NPC's viewing vision cone? [true/false]"
  • "Vision Cone"
  • "Speed"
  • "Disable radio effects? [true/false]"
  • "Remove a corpse after death? [true/false]"
  • "Which loot table should the plugin use? (0 - default; 1 - own; 2 - AlphaLoot; 3 - CustomLoot; 4 - loot table of the Rust objects; 5 - combine the 1 and 4 methods)"
  • "Loot table from prefabs (if the loot table type is 4 or 5)"
  • "Own loot table"
"Zombies setting"

  • "Health"
  • "Movement speed"
  • "Which loot table should the plugin use? (0 - default; 1 - own; 2 - AlphaLoot; 3 - CustomLoot)"
  • "Own loot table"
"Economy setting"

  • "Enabled? [true/false]"
  • "Looting of crates"
  • "Destruction of Bradley"
  • "Killing an NPC"
  • "Killing an Zombie"
  • "Hacking a locked crate"
  • Вау
Реакции: RealAmino
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