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Loot Table & Stacksize GUI

Платное Loot Table & Stacksize GUI 1.0.11

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About Loot Table & Stacksize GUI​

Say goodbye to configuration and data files. This plugin lets yo edit the loot of (almost) every lootable object directly over a custom UI. It also includes a graphical stack size editor thus making it ideal for anyone who is not familiar with editing config files. The excavator and quarries can also be configured with custom loot as well as collectable resources like hemp, berries etc.
This plugin will eliminate the need for any other loot or stack size related plugin.

  • Graphical User Interface - no need to edit config files
  • Integrated stack size editor
  • Quarries and Excavator have adjustable gather rate and items
  • Configurable NPC loot
  • Support for custom items and skins
  • Crates can be set up with custom loot profiles
  • Black List option to block certain items
  • Copy / paste function to copy configurations between crates
  • Support for tree, ore and animal gahter rates

Overview of crates and their current loot table


Stacksize Editor



loottable - Open the editor
loottable refresh - Manually refresh crate loot

loottable flags - List available flags (explained below)
loottable flags <name> <1|0> - Enable / disable a certain flag

loottable reload_vanilla_profiles - Manually re-download vanilla loot profiles (only for debuging)


loottable.edit - Required to use the editor


There are flags to disable some limits in the editor. Only enable these flags if you really need to as they might cause unexpected behavior of the editor. There are currently 3 flags available:

Debug If enabled, the Debug flag provides more detailed information about errors and other actions in the editor. Don't enable this flag unless you want your console full of spam.

UnlockGatherMultiplier allows you to use gahter multipliers less than one and higher than 1000. Note that multipliers less than one might lead to unexpected results in some cases.

DisableItemLimit Probably the safest flag to use is DisableItemLimit as it simply lets you set stack sizes and every other item amount in the editor as high as 2,147,483,647 which is the biggest possible value of a 32-bit integer.

UnlockFurnaceMultiplier lets you use any value as the furnace speed multiplier. Don't enable this flag unless you know what you are doing, since the default value range from 0.1 to 100 should cover most use cases and larger values might impact server performance.

Refer to the Commands section for more information about enableing flags.

Vanilla Configurations:

Since version 1.0.7 there are vanilla loot profiles available for most crates and NPCs. These profiles can be loaded using the "Load default loot table" button at the top center of the editor.



The vanilla loot profiles in the editor might not exactly match the vanilla loot distribution of the game as it uses a completely different loot distribution system than Rust. These profiles rather serve as a reference point for custom loot profiles.

Required Dependencies:

Image Library: https://umod.org/plugins/image-library


To prevent the plugin from populating certain crates or npc corpses with custom loot, use the api.

(object) OnContainerPopulate(LootContainer container)
This hook is called every time a loot container is about to be populated with loot. Returning a non-null value prevents the plugin from spawning loot into that crate.

(object) OnCorpsePopulate(LootableCorpse corpse)
This hook is called every time an npc corpse is about to be populated with loot. Returning a non-null value prevents the plugin from spawning loot into that corpse.


Q: WTF do item categories do

A: When an item is assigned to a category, it will inherit the drop chance of this category. By the time the loot of a crate is generated, every category has a configurable chance to get selected. If it gets selected a specified amount of items in this category will be added to the loot of the crate. Items using the default category or items withot a category have an individual chance of getting selected.

Q: I created a custom loot profile but the crate has vanilla loot

A: Check if the profile or the blacklist is enabled

Q: A quarry is outputing items from its custom loot profile althogh the profile is disabled

A: Normally the Quarry should reset to its default state afte it is turned off. Sometimes this reset doesn't occur and a server restart is required to reset the quarry.
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